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Teacher Training – Online

Show Racism the Red Card, the UK’s leading anti-racism education charity, is delighted to launch our engaging new online teacher training course “Promoting Equality and Tackling Racism in Schools”. Having refined our expertise with over 24 years experience of educating both students and teachers, we have created this course to help anyone who works in an educational setting to overcome the barriers to anti-racism education in the classroom. The course includes the video testimony of Show Racism the Red Card’s Education Workers, quizzes and a range of interactive activities. You can access the course here.

Consisting of 4 interactive modules, the course equips educators with both terminology knowledge and the facts to overcome misconceptions and misinformation whilst offering guidance on how to discuss sensitive issues in a safe and nurturing environment.

Understand how to deal with racist incidents – work through our step by step guide and explore a range of scenarios in a safe environment. Explore real life case studies and share thoughts with peers all of which will give you the confidence to deal with issues.

Know your legal requirements and inspectorate expectations – with up to date guidance from Ofsted, Estyn, Education Scotland and ETI (Northern Ireland), learn what is expected from you on a legal basis, explore expectations on safeguarding and consider how to provide evidence to the inspectorates.

“I thought the course was brilliant. Got all the information I needed and the information was broken down very simply and I enjoyed the real life scenarios” – George Williams.

For more information and to register your school, please visit: SRtRC Online Course

Use discount codes NEU50% or NASUWT50%.

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