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Underbank Primary P1-2 Artwork

Our pupils have been working on an anti-racism journey in our school, and as part of Race Equality Week and Children’s Mental Health Week, as a school we decided to put a spotlight on ANTI-racism with the SRtRC resources. Our P1/2 shared a clip on Sesame Street clip called ‘Explaining Race’ which used the colour of tree leaves to explain at an age appropriate level why people have different coloured skin. They then created their own handprint tree entitled ‘When People of all Colours Stand Together, we Stand Tall like a Tree’

Room 2 (P2-3 learners) looked deeply at the issue with racism in football which spills into our communities. They used SRtRC resources and short, stage appropriate clips to learn more about race equality. They created football shirts with the message ‘WE ARE ALL IN AGAINST RACISM’.

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