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Brand New Film and Education resource for 2019.

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Out of Site, (Welsh Version) Education Pack aimed at tackling racism towards Gypsy, Roma and Travellers. For pack materials click HERE.

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Immigration - Whats the Story?Guidance notes to support teachers in discussions about the issue of immigration with young people in association with the campaign's educational film 'Immigration; What's the Story'. 

Islamophobia, (Welsh Version) Education Pack which accompanies the educational film produced in 2008.  For pack materials click HERE

GRT Toolkit, (Welsh Version)        An educational Toolkit for teachers and practitioners working with GRT young people in Wales.

No Place for Hate  Aimed at challenging contemporary racism and educating about the dangers of far-right extremism. For pack materials click HERE

Guidance for Initial Teacher Trainers                                         This resource is designed to be an accessible guide, packed with advice and activities that will help institutions to prepare student teachers to tackle racism and promote equality in the classroom.

A Safe Place, (Welsh Version) Education pack which accompanies the education film in 2008.    Aimed at combating the myths against Asylum Seekers .

Homophobia: Let's Tackle It,    Education pack aimed at challenging homophobia and homophobic bullying. For pack materials click HERE.


Tackling racism in school factsheets (Wales) - These factsheets feature a range of brief guides to appropriate terminology, equality duties, and identifying and reporting a racist incident in schools in Wales.

Recognising and responding to racism and racial stereotyping - Guidelines for teachers on recognising and responding to racism in school. (Welsh)

Reflecting on your school's culture and environment - Guidelines to help teachers evaluate the current culture and environment of the school with reflective questions to aid in staff training and discussions.

Reporting suspected racial incidents in school - Guidelines for teachers and schools on reporting racist incidents in school. (Welsh)

Reporting suspected racist incidents in school: A guide for parents - This guide highlights the duty of care that schools have in dealing with incidents and provides advice of what measures parents can take if positive action has not been taken by the school.

Language and terminology: an introduction for teachers - Guidelines for teachers on terms that are acceptable / unacceptable. (Welsh)

Cyber bullying and racism - This factsheet provides and Introduction to cyber bullying, steps on how to recognise if someone is a victim of racist cyber bullying and advice for teachers to provide to pupils.

Equality Act 2010 - Introduction to the Equality Act 2010.           (Welsh).

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One Goal Wall Hanger resource - The One Goal Wall Hanger gives teachers the knowledge, confidence and resources to embed anti-racism education throughout the primary school curriculum within specific subjects such as History, Geography, Music and Drama etc. (Available in Welsh)

Guidance for school uniformsThe Muslim Faith and School Uniform, NUT and School Uniform Guidance,

Responding to racism Action plan template - Template for responding to and dealing with racism in school.

Recommended Resources and Websites
Holocaust Memorial Day Trust - 'Speak Up Speak Out' for HMD 2012
Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month: this website provides information on GRT History Month in June
Simple Acts: a brilliant campaign from Refugee Week, full of practical suggestions of actions young people can undertake.
Diversity in Diction: Equality in Action: a helpful guide to appropriate language use, written by Unison and the TUC (produced in 2008)

Terminology Guidance - Adapted from We’re all white, thanks: the persisting myth about ‘white’ schools by Chris Gaine. 

These are only a few of the many excellent teaching aids available: please email if you have any specific suggestions or recommendations for inclusion in this section of our website.