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UNISON 2023 National Delegate Conference

With support from UNISON we have this year passed a milestone of engaging over one million people in our anti-racism programme, in schools, workplaces and communities.

We held a dedicated fringe meeting for delegates to hear more detailed elements of the work and impact and unfortunately the continued need of SRtRC.


CEO of SRtRC Ged Grebby spoke of the inception of SRtRC within the Northern region, highlighted the campaigning work that the organisation does and congratulated Cymru/Wales where anti-racism education is on the curriculum. SRtRC is now campaigning to get this implemented across the UK.

Nicky Ramanandi –  Northern Region Convenor and Regional Secretary spoke of the close working relationship within the Northern Region, having worked with SRtRC since its inception.


“UNISON works with employers and SRtRC to develop unique workplace training plans where branch stewards have identified issues.

Within the region we have also ensured that SRtRC training is part of the Stage 1 reps training as standard.

And of course, we have the Ambassadors training, a six week programme of intensive training. As part of The Year of Black Workers, we will be rolling out another Ambassadors training programme in September and bringing together all our Ambassadors to celebrate their work in November.”


Nicky reminded us that Durham Miners Gala is on the 8th of July and that SRtRC share UNISON’s tent at the event. She also encouraged branches and regions to affiliate to SRtRC as their work is integral to the anti-racism work UNISON does within our workplaces.


Glen Williams – North West reminded us that the far right have not disappeared, but have changed the way they organise. The far right now hijack policies, drawing people in and then peddle their politics of hate.

Clare Williams – North West spoke of the importance of ensuring that The Year of Black Workers is a legacy for sustainable change. Clare also reminded us that the threat of racism never goes away and UNISON must continue to be at the forefront of challenging this alongside organisations such as SRtRC.

John Barnes – Liverpool and England football legend, longstanding patron of SRtRC and active anti-racism campaigner spoke of his background growing up with parents who were heavily involved in politics and the trade union movement and how this has influenced his activism. John has written a book “The Uncomfortable Truth about Racism”, which reiterates that racism is embedded in society rather than just football. John said that too many times we blame the wrong people and therefore punish the wrong people. John explained that colonialism, which so degraded black people around the world, persists. He also argued that class is just as divisive as race.

“The only way to destroy racism is to destroy capitalism”.

Thanks to Linda Hobson for covering the event and describing it as “A very thought provoking fringe”. This is exactly what SRtRC encourages – for people to think about how they can become actively anti-racist, and take responsibility for contributing towards change. This is what UNISON members are doing!


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