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Sunderland AFC Educational Event

Another local event for the Northeast campaign team as they made the short trip to the Beacon of Light to hold an educational event in partnerships with Sunderland AFC and the Foundation of Light.

Two local schools, Dame Dorothy and Easington CoE Primary Schools, joined us at the Beacon of Light for a full day event. The Lord Mayor of Sunderland joined us to open the day and show that Sunderland as a city stands behind anti-racism.

The young people from y5 and y6 took part in a full day of work shops that covered several topics. They learnt about ‘world view’ and the importance of critical thinking in their everyday life. They also learnt about the dangers of assumptions and stereotypes. Along with this they learnt a definition of racism so they can take this with them to spot and address racism.

As well as this workshop each group worked through our hate crime session. This explains to the young people exactly what hate crime is, who can be affected by one and the potential consequences.  The young people asked brilliant questions throughout both workshops. During the introduction to the day, we let the young people know that during the afternoon session they would be taking part in a special Q&A session. They would have their opportunity to ask their questions about what they had learnt to a panel of guests.

After the lunch break the young people watched the SRtRC educational film which gives them some broader historical understanding of racism, the film also features high profile athletes and influential figures sharing their advice on dealing with racism.

Joining us for the Q&A session was SAFC and SRtRC legends Gary Bennett MBE and Kevin Ball. Alongside them current SAFC first team players Bailey Wright and Aji Alese answered the young people’s questions. The young people’s questions were answered thoughtfully and gave the young people great insight and understanding of the effects of racism and the importance of being an anti-racist.

Huge thank you to all the panel guest for supporting us with the event! A special shout out must also to go to Danielle, Jack and all the staff from the Foundation of Light for their continued support of the campaign.

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