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SRtRC Scotland visits St Joseph’s RC Primary School

On Tuesday 24th January, Show Racism the Red Card Scotland visited St Joseph’s RC Primary School in Linlithgow, to deliver anti-racism workshops to Primary 6 and Primary 7. This is our first time back at St Joseph’s since the Pandemic and we were overjoyed to be welcomed back with such enthusiastic learners.

Both Primary 6 and Primary 7 worked extremely hard as they undertook our anti-racism workshop. Its focus on equality built on discussions they had already been having, allowing them to further explore key themes such as the harmful consequences of racist myths and stereotypes

The workshop covered SRtRC’s core concepts of racial literacy in a supportive and empathetic environment, guided by the ideals of ‘shared space.’ The young people were able to discuss their own ideas, but also be guided to consider how the world treats others, via case studies centred on real lived experiences of racism. Through these testimonies the class were able to develop their understanding of identity and diversity, celebrating difference and challenging othering, gatekeeping, and erasure.

With lots of collaborative discussion, supported by an SRtRC education team of Chris, Carla, and Molly, the young people had many opportunities to question their own ideas, challenge the world around them, grow their understanding and develop skills for recognising and responding to racism.

We would like to extend our thanks to St Joseph’s RC Primary School for inviting us back once again, being so committed to the workshops, and even jumping in to the energizer dance number ‘wake-up shake-up’. It was inspiring to see bright young learners practice their empathy and awareness around anti-racism and demonstrate the positive attitude and kindness that is central to the school ethos. We hope to see your entries for the Creative Competition 2023, and to be back soon for another boogie!

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