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SRtRC Scotland Visits Greenhill Primary School

On the 9th February 2023, Show Racism the Red Card presented two anti racism and anti discrimination workshops to P6 pupils of Greenhill Primary. Our experienced educational team of Molly and Reece, facilitated the lesson in a supportive and sensitive environment, investing time at the outset to establish a participatory, trauma alert and lived experience centred shared space. The pupils’ discussion and inclusive communication skills were honed via a series of ice breaker exercises before the tem went on to introduce key terms and concepts relating to race, racism, and anti-racism.

The P6’s were very enthusiastic and eager to contribute from the early stages of the workshops, which was hugely encouraging. Key terms such as stereotyping, gatekeeping, and othering are impactful stretch vocabulary, designed to give a label to and expand upon young people’s existing awareness of these forms of injustice.

The Greenhill pupils were fully focused and used these new terms and concepts to reflect upon and respond to case studies involving experiences of racism. This enabled the young people to ground their anti-racist literacy within proactive, real world scenarios to foster active anti-racism and effective allyship. The range of thoughtful contribution from the pupils was great to see as they displayed their own understanding of the concepts and also helped each other out to ensure everyone was on the same page. We were also delighted to involve the pupils in our ‘wake up – shake up’ exercise to allow them to re-energize for the final parts of the workshop. For such a young age group, the pupils showed a maturity and level of respect to the workshop which was excellent to see.

We would like to thank Greenhill Primary for their warm welcome and hope that the pupils build upon these workshops as part of their lifelong anti-racism learning. Keep up the excellent work.

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