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SRtRC hold educational event at AFC Bournemouth

Last week, Show Racism the Red Card partnered with Bournemouth Community Sport’s Trust to deliver an Anti-Racism workshop to local students at the Vitality stadium, home of AFC Bournemouth.

60 pupils, from two local primary schools, attended our event where they received the Red Card’s, ‘Fan’s of the Future’ workshop. Students unpicked stereotypes, challenged their own biases and learned how to safely challenge racism, receiving the tools to become active citizens and effective allies.

Our guests were then introduced to AFCB Women’s stars, Kenni Thompson (winger) and Dani Kosinska (goalkeeper). The players engaged beautifully with our visitors and provided brilliant answers to some great questions, during a though-provoking Q+A session. Our panel was completed by representatives from JP Morgan who were involved in sponsoring our event, highlighting the amazing work they do in their communities.

Jack Cunningham, our educator on the ground, spoke highly of the event saying “It was a brilliant day here at AFC Bournemouth. The students demonstrated a great understanding, and willingness to learn, about many of the issues impacting our society. They engaged wonderfully and asked many amazing questions throughout. Both Kenni and Dani were brilliant, getting involved with the young people and adding incredible value to our panel. A massive thank-you to Steve Cuss, Matt Divine and everyone at the Trust who helped support and put on such an incredible day!”

The Red Card echoes these views and wants to extend our gratitude to everyone at Bournemouth Community Sport’s Trust for their continued support and providing another fantastic day for their local children.

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