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SRtRC 2023 half year update!

Following on from our milestone of engaging one million people in our anti-racism education programme here we report on the number of participants we have reached in the last 6 months and the vast reach our School Competitions have had across the UK.

At the end of June 2023 have worked with over 30,000 young people, 7429 adults, totaling 2393 hours of delivery we can announce that we have now reached 1,027,794 people! We continue to visit your schools, workplaces and sporting clubs to spread a message of anti-racism and inclusivity through informative, engaging and interactive workshops in England, Scotland and Wales.

With the addition of all of the young people who have entered our School and Creative Competitions, researching and demonstrating their own anti-racism message through a range of mediums we want to make it our aim to reach another million within the next 5 years.

Scotland 41 schools 1050 participants

England 428 schools 25,000 participants

This year we have seen an overwhelmingly positive response from schools in Wales, with 331 schools (22% of all schools in Wales, involving every single local authority) and involving 70,150 participants!  

Therefore the total across the UK for our 2023 competitions are 800 schools and 96,200 participants. Please follow these links to learn more about the winners and award ceremonies:



Show Racism the Red Card Wales | Creative Competition

Every young person and adult who have participated in our educational programmes are ‘One in a Million’.

Additionally with the help of our supporters we are continuing to develop our reach using our Red Card Education Hub which now has 9100 registered users. Teachers now have access to a library of fully formed anti-racism lessons with various focus such as Islamophobia, Windrush, Gypsy Roma and Traveller Culture and Hate Crime.

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