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#Spotlight: Wales team visits Alway Primary School, Newport

On Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th June 2024, Alway Primary School in Newport South Wales recently hosted a powerful anti-racism workshop for all pupils based in Year 3 through to year 6.

Alway primary school is situated in the East of the city of Newport.

The workshops aimed to provide the young people with a deeper understanding of racism and anti-racism, explore everyday forms of racism, why somebody may demonstrate racist behaviours or attitudes, and equip them with the knowledge and tools to challenge racism in their lives, with the aim of supporting Wales to become an anti-racist nation by 2030.

The workshops started with the young people discussing what they believed racism was, defining racism in their own words, they then explored how and why racism is still a problem in society.

Following this, the young people explored the reasons why some people may still demonstrate racist behaviours, reflected on the people around them, social media, and how this influences individuals’ behaviours, additionally discussing why racist stereotypes leading to unconscious bias develop.

The young people discussed the power of words and the historical origins behind racialised language they have heard within their school/community, and why those words are inappropriate to use.

To conclude the workshop, the young people learned how to embed anti-racism across their school by challenging racist behaviours, reporting incidents, and supporting individuals who have been targeted with racial abuse, creating the skills and knowledge of how to become active anti-racist and allies.

Some of the young people from year 5 who took part in the workshop said the key takeaways from the workshop were:

“That words have power and it’s shocking how people are still using the word today”

“how everyone was different in their own way and has their own individual skin colour”

Our anti-racism workshop was well received by the students and by the teachers too! Read what the teachers had to say:

“I was impressed with the way the children were engaged throughout the workshop. It helped them understand where racist behaviours come from and guided them in developing a deeper understanding of how to modify their own and others’ behaviours moving forward”

-Year 5 Teacher

“We look forward to it every year, we always learn something new. It’s interesting, current and relevant.”

-Year 5/6 Teacher

Another successful day for our educators in Wales!

Want to join our team of educators, who are supporting Wales in becoming an anti-racist nation by 2030? Head over to our Vacancies page and apply to be part of our Welsh Education Team (closing deadline is the 30th of June 2024) -> https://www.theredcard.org/vacancy/education-worker-vacancy-wales/

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