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Show Racism the Red Card supporting the Reflect Forward initiative

Show Racism the Red Card continue our support of the Reflect Forward initiative working with One Love Australia.

REFLECT FORWARD is a joint-movement between anti-racism education company One Love Australia and the Australian sports industry. It’s about starting an ongoing conversation about racism in sport, and working towards eliminating it at all levels throughout Australia. It’s backed by athletes, national sporting organisations and players associations who want to commit to making meaningful change in eliminating racism in Australia.

With the backdrop of the Women’s World Cup taking place across Australia and New Zealand, our CEO Ged Grebby will be speaking alongside campaigns from the USA and Australia in a discussion examining racism in sport.

“Sport has a unique way of uniting people across the globe. Unfortunately, the blight of racism too often spoils this unity. This critical conversation is not just about acknowledging the issue, but about working together to find impactful solutions that will ensure the true spirit of sport shines through for everyone.”

“Racism is a societal issue that unfortunately penetrates the sporting world too. Our event will shine a spotlight on this issue, promoting dialogue and understanding, pushing us a step closer to a future where the color of one’s skin doesn’t impact their experience on or off the field.”

“In a world that’s battling racial disparities, sport should be a platform that brings people together, not divides them. This event is our stand against racism in sport and society. Let’s turn this critical conversation into critical action.” Jamal Elsheikh, Director of programs and partnership

As part of the legacy of the event, Reflect Forward are offering to deliver their sports based learning programme in schools across 5 major cities in Australia including: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. All programmes are planned to be delivered within 12 months of the event and will host special guests such as FIFA legends to participate as active role models. Continuing on from the programme, all schools will send students to the UK & US to further their learning and conversations on how to tackle racism utilising the power of sport.

There has also been interest shown from schools in World Cup hosting cities in New Zealand such as Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland.

Jamal personally will be going on a 6 month global learning journey to the UK, USA, Europe and Canada to explore best practices and bring learnings back to Australia, in partnership with the Winston Churchill Trust.#


Reflect Forward - There's No Place for Racism in Sport

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