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Show Racism the Red Card Launches Three-Year Anti-Racism Initiative with Manchester United Foundation at Old Trafford

In a collaboration between Show Racism the Red Card and the Manchester United Foundation, an inspiring event unfolded on Monday 22nd April, at Old Trafford stadium. This marked the beginning of a three-year initiative aimed at empowering children to become anti-racist captains within their schools.

Four schools, including Co-Op Academy North, Whalley Range Secondary School, Deans Trust Ardwick, and the Waterhead Academy, participated in this landmark event. The day commenced with a poignant moment of reflection honouring Stephen Lawrence and his enduring legacy in the fight against injustice.

Throughout the day, children engaged in a series of activities designed to foster critical thinking and empower them to challenge racism. They began by exploring societal perceptions through naming famous figures, revealing the prevailing bias towards male, straight and white individuals. This exercise served as a reminder of the ongoing journey towards true representation and inclusivity.


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Guided by the charity’s definition of racism, the children created freeze frames to depict various forms of racism, showcasing a profound understanding of its manifestations, including system and institutionalised racism. Discussions ensued on creating inclusive spaces and empathising with the impact of racism on individuals, setting the stage for lessons on allyship.

The afternoon saw the children tackling real-life examples of racism, devising actionable plans to address issues within their schools. Guest panellists, including Viv Anderson, Amna Abdullatif, and Lamin Touray, forerunners in their respective fields, provided invaluable mentorship as the children formulated their pledges and action plans.
From confronting the use of slurs to advocating for a more comprehensive Black History Month curriculum, the children’s pledges reflected their determination to implement positive change. Feedback from the participants clearly highlighted a sense of empowerment and eagerness to continue their journey into becoming young leaders as anti-racist captains over the next three years.

The event not only highlighted the continuing and pressing need to combat racism but also demonstrated the importance of education and collective action in fostering a more inclusive society.

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