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Show Racism the Red Card at Labour Party Conference

SRTRC held an event in Liverpool ACC during the LP conference on 09/10/23, entitled putting anti-racism on the national curriculum. The many benefits of bringing people together from various backgrounds within a safe space with an openness to share lived experiences of racism and its impacts, can only have positive effects. Many can find themselves questioning, what it is that they can do to fight the challenges that many face every day in tackling racism in all its forms, either by being a proactive ally and advocating for a positive change actioning ideas to challenge against; antisemitism, islamophobia, anti-black sentiments and microaggressions of Afrophobia.

It was evident to see that by the many seated attendees and some in the overflow that the discussion was pertinent, guest panellist included Parliamentarians, Trade Unionist, educators and legendary Footballers, SRTRC trustees and CEO Ged, who during their own individual contributions spoke on topical matters within society that need to be challenged to reverse the pendulum to make society a more accepting, representative, diverse and equitable place. There were so many takeaways such as being an active ally and calling out racism and not being a bystander, being empowered to call out racism is one of the challenging actions to take.

Moreover, there was a call to action for the next incumbent govt elected to No10, that every CYP within community holiday hubs as well as school settings enrol onto compulsory educational course[s]/with regular workshops where discussion could be delivered for CYP. Thereafter, into colleges, universities, and the wider employment sector, to help equip the many CYP* and many, thereafter a suggestion, whereby a toolkit could empower the next global/change makers! If such a policy could be adopted, it would be an acknowledgement as the right programme to ensure that the many would be empowered to change the world as together.

To that end, Powerful words articulated by Legendary John Barnes -which was that Allyship without Empathy wouldn’t work!…and that we need an intersectionality when addressing racism in all its forms.

– Councillor Valerie Bossman-Quarshie

Thank you to all of our speakers: Valerie Bossman-Quarshie, Shaka Hislop (via zoom), Ged Grebby Chief Executive SRtRC, Jo Stevens MP, Ian Bryne MP, Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP, Emma Rose President of the National Education Union, Tan Dhesi MP, Susan Mathews from Unite the Union, Richard Burgon MP, Elizabeth Cameron from UNISON and John Barnes.


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