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#OnTheGround: SRtRC Southern Region & Preston Hedges Academy Trust

In a transformative initiative, Show Racism The Red Card this week were invited by Preston Hedges Trust to three primary schools in Northampton.  The Southern Team delivered the “Fans of the Future” workshop to over 540 pupils at Parklands Primary, Preston Hedges Primary and Pineham Barns School.

The workshop navigated through the intricacies of discrimination and racism, challenging stereotypes through the “culture shock” activity. Pupils examined the history of racism and the impact of discrimination. The team worked collaboratively with classes, instilling the values of active citizenship and empowering students to challenge discrimination and racism safely.  The workshop not only equipped them with knowledge but also empowered them to become advocates for change.  The session not only educated but also ignited critical thinking, encouraging students to challenge preconceived notions.

One enthusiastic student shared, “I enjoyed the workshop; it made me feel like I can make a difference by standing up against racism and discrimination.  I learned that discrimination is not okay, and we can all do something to stop it.”

“The culture shock activity really made me think about how stereotypes can be harmful. It was eye-opening.”

Jack Cunningham reflected on the active engagement of pupils. “The pupils were really engaged, and it’s inspiring to witness their eagerness to challenge stereotypes and understand the history of racism. The ‘Fans of the Future’ workshop truly sparked a positive change in their perspectives.”

Regional Manager Paul Hill emphasized the importance of embedding anti-racism into the school curriculum. “Embedding anti-racism into the school curriculum is crucial for fostering an inclusive society. We appreciate the commitment from the school’s trust to drive positive change in their borough. The pupils were keen to share their knowledge and ideas on how they can be upstanders not only in their own classrooms but also in their communities.”

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