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North West Training the Trainers Programme with Black Country Healthcare Trust

Show Racism the Red Card Northwest Team has partnered with Black Country Healthcare Trust to conduct our ‘Training the Trainer’ programme. The initiative aims to empower leaders and managers with the necessary tools to facilitate conversations, address privilege and bias, and actively promote anti-racist practices within their workplace.

The workshop began with leaders and managers completing foundational anti-racism training, and was followed by a 5-week ‘Training the Trainers’ programme with a group of 7 leaders who delved deeper into various core themes. The programme focused on revisiting anti-racism fundamentals, discussing the nuances of privilege and bias, understanding how to facilitate difficult conversations and what inclusive leadership looks like.

As well as delving in to these discussions, a lot of time was dedicated to practical delivery: how to model facilitation and making sure participants had time to practise their own delivery.

“We had eight people being trained in Anti-Racism, with our EDI Team being joined by colleagues from our Organisational Development, Human Resources, and Clinical Teams for five weeks. It was a rare and welcome opportunity to really think in-depth about what anti-racism means to the organisation and ourselves as individuals. It was enlightening and empowering for all participants, covering both anti-racism theory and practical training tips, with people bringing their hopes for the workplace and personal lived experience to the discussions. We have had great success already with Show Racism The Red Card training over 200 of our leaders and managers, and are really looking forward to our internal trainers delivering this training to staff members moving forward”

Will Cooling, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Partner

Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust


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