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North West Spotlight – Unison Reps Ambassador Programme

Show Racism the Red Card joined UNISON Northwest and 56 of their branch Secretaries to delve in to the themes of unconscious bias, authentic allyship, and the launch of our NW Ambassador Programme.

During a dedicated slot in the day’s proceedings, SRtRC staff facilitated discussions and self-reflection on the topic of unconscious bias – exploring where biases come from, the systemic nature of how bias developed over time and reflecting honestly on our own biases, but looking at how we can challenge these.

Our facilitators also opened up discussions around authentic allyship and how to go beyond performative gestures; actively supporting marginalized individuals and communities, emphasising the vital role of allies and removing the burden of expectation of Black members to be the ones to educate about racism.

The NW Ambassador Programme comprises of two in-person full-day sessions and four interactive virtual sessions, with the purpose of enabling participants to support their workplace in their commitment to become anti-racist by:

  1. Raising awareness about how racism affects their workplaces and people’s lives.
  2. Sharing information, guidance and advice with colleagues and senior leadership about how to respond to racism at work.
  3. Inspiring practical steps to create an anti-racist culture at their workplace.

The NW Ambassador Programme is set to begin on the 22nd of September.

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