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Manchester City Educational Event

Following the historic treble win for Manchester City FC, Show Racism the Red Card hold end of season educational event at the prestigious Etihad Stadium.


Over 90 young pupils from various schools in the local community were invited to participate in a day filled with anti-racism and hate crime workshops. The event aimed to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of racism and promote inclusivity and equality.

Workshop Sessions: The day began with an engaging introduction by the Show Racism the Red Card Staffs, emphasizing the importance of unity and diversity. The pupils were then divided into smaller groups to participate in interactive workshops led by SRtRC facilitators. These workshops focused on addressing racism, hate crimes, and fostering a culture of inclusion. The sessions were designed to encourage open discussions, challenge stereotypes, and promote empathy among the young participants.

‘Changemakers’ Workshop Session: One of the highlights of the event was the ‘Changemakers’ workshop session, where the pupils had the opportunity to take the lead and present their ideas for building an inclusive society. The enthusiasm and creativity displayed by the participants were truly inspiring.

They suggested various ways to promote inclusivity, such as organising cultural exchange programs, establishing anti-racism clubs in schools, and developing campaigns to challenge discriminatory behaviour. These young ‘Changemakers’ demonstrated their commitment to creating positive change in their communities.

Q/A Panel: The Pupils also had the opportunity to ask questions to some of the special guests in attendance. Joining the panel were ex-professional footballers and SRtRC ambassadors, Steve Howey, Ken Monkou, Ex Manchester City goalkeeper, Alex Williams, SRtRC Trustee, Ericka Williams, The Premier League Head of EDI, Iffy Onourah, and the chair of Greater Manchester Race Equality Panel, Elizabeth Cameron. The panellists delivered powerful speeches on the detrimental impact of racism and the significance of working collectively to eradicate it. Their personal stories and experiences resonated with the young audience, reinforcing the message that everyone has a role to play in combating racism. Here are some of the questions and answers from the event:

Did your school teach you about racism?

ErikaI grew up in NY and no we didn’t but it was so common people were racist every single day I had to learn from my parents.

As a footballer what type of practical steps can you take if somebody is racist to your team mate?

IffyFirst of all the ref should speak to the stadium and there are systems in place to deal with this. When there was no protocol it could be a very lonely experience. Squads should be united and support each other 100% both the players and the wider game need to come together.

If you were to see somebody being racist how do you react?

KenI have the knowledge on how to report it. I would go to the police. If you are young find a trusted adult and tell them. Everyone has a voice and you must use it.

The Show Racism the Red Card educational event at the Etihad Stadium proved to be an exceptional platform for raising awareness and educating young minds about the importance of inclusivity and the harmful effects of racism. The engagement and participation of over 90 young pupils showcased their eagerness to contribute positively to society. By providing them with a safe space to express their ideas and encouraging open dialogue, the event successfully empowered these young ‘Changemakers’.

Read more on the event from Manchester City News here:

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Manchester City for providing a remarkable venue and supporting the cause of combating racism. Special thanks go to the experienced SRtRC facilitators, panellists, and all of the participants whose active involvement made the event a resounding success. Additionally, appreciation is owed to the supporters, sponsors, and volunteers whose efforts made this educational event possible.

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