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Greenfield Community College


Mr Dixon, a teacher at Greenfield Community College, reports on the Islamophobia workshops that we delivered to Year 9:

‘Show Racism The Red Card’ is an anti-racism educational charity which harnesses the role model status of professional footballers to educate people about the dangers of racism. On Thursday of last week Show Racism the Red Card came in to Greenfield Community College to educate our year 9 pupils in racism awareness, especially to do with Islamophobia and the racism that members of the Islamic faith sometimes receive.

Pupils in year 9 discussed their views and stereotypical views surrounding racism, especially in the professional game of football and how these views have changed and progressed over recent years.

To help pupils to understand these difficult concepts, Show Racism the Red Card held a series of workshops and assemblies to discuss the issue of racism. Pupils were actively involved in this learning and enjoyed the discussion and question and answer sessions. There was a lot of meaningful debate for all pupils to consider which in turn helped all young people see the detrimental effects that racism can have on individuals and groups of people.

To bring the discussed themes to reality, two ex-professional football players came in to Greenfield to share their experiences of racism and to run the practical elements of the day. Former Sunderland captain Gary Bennett and former Newcastle United player John Anderson led brilliant fitness sessions for all of year 9 and then enjoyed a question and answer session with the full year group.

The whole day was a great success and all pupils really benefitted from the themes of the day.

Please visit our Education area to find out about booking Show Racism the Red Card into your school.

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