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Fast approaching our 1 million mark

The beginning of 2023 marks a phenomenally exciting milestone for Show Racism the Red Card. We are fast approaching the day when we will have engaged 1 million people in the UK with our anti-racism educational programme’s. Workshops reaching hundreds of young people, adults and teachers take place every day across England, Scotland and Wales as well as the launch of the 2023 school’s competition we count down to the 1 millionth participant.

This is a milestone we are incredibly proud of but never complacent, we strive to continue our much needed work, with recent news of racism towards immigrants on the rise, a football manager suspended for racist behaviour and social media posts highlighting a schools discrimination towards a child with braided hair, we can celebrate our milestone but It is of vital importance that we move forward and surpass this figure.

Shaka Hislop President of Show Racism the Red Card:

“One Million people engaged in our anti racism educational programme’s is a significant milestone which feels surreal for a number of reasons. For me I am from Trinidad and Tobago a country of 1.3 million people in total, so those numbers are hard for me to put into perspective given where I am from. I can’t help but look back to 27 years ago when John Beresford and I went to Westgate Community College in Newcastle and spoke to that first class and neither of us had any idea or thought that this would be the kind of message I would be sharing some 27 years later, that what we were starting then would lead to what Show Racism the Red Card has become today we were just trying to be good football players giving back to our city, club and community as best we can.”

Alongside this milestone is a long held ambition of Show Racism the Red Card to provide anti-racism resources to every school in the country; and with the help of funding from Sainsbury’s, this is something that has now been made possible. We have launched our ‘Red Card Hub’ a platform created specifically for teachers and educators, it provides a free of charge full programme of guided lessons and activities for young people in every school in the UK.

The ‘One in a Million’ milestone includes all individuals, young people and adults who have taken part in an educational workshop held in schools, workplaces, sporting clubs or online, as well as participants in our School Competitions. It does not include those who have accessed our educational films, social media or digital educational platforms.

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