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3 day Educational club events with Bolton Wanderers Football Club

Show Racism the Red Card teamed up for the second year in a row with Bolton Wanderers FC and Bolton Wanderers in the Community for 3 days of educational events reaching nearly 500 young people from across Bolton.

Throughout the days the young people worked through workshops delivered by SRtRC Campaign Workers. One of the workshops gives the young people an introduction to what a hate crime is, who can be effected by a hate crime and the importance of recognising and reporting a hate crime. Across all sessions the young people’s learning advanced on the topics that were discussed. The questions and discussions from the audience showed a mature level of understanding.

The other workshop focused on how the young people could be an anti-racist. We looked at what our ‘World View’ was and what may affect this. We also asked the young people to engage in critical thinking in order not to make assumptions when they are in their everyday lives. An exploration of stereotyping through a group activity gave us the opportunity to discuss exactly what racism is and who can be affected by this. Allyship was a key theme throughout the workshop, the aim to empower the young people to know that they have a responsibility to report racism was crucial and taken on brilliantly.

Every young person over the three days was able to take part in these workshops, they were also very lucky to be taken on a behind the scenes tour of the University of Bolton Stadium.

The afternoon session for these events culminated in a Q&A panel where the audience had the opportunity to ask their questions about the topics covered throughout the day to a panel with a variety of experiences and roles. Joining us over the three days we had BWITC CEO Phil Mason, ex-professional footballer Luke Joyce, Bolton Council of Mosques representative Shabnum Bashir, Bolton Solidarity Community Association representative Ibrahim Ismail, Bolton legend and BWITC ambassador John McGinlay, local Magistrate Sunita Thomson, Bolton Hindu Forum representative Kala Kerai, Juice Vamosi from the Kaskosan, Gypsy Roma Group, ex-professional and SRtRC patron Trevor Sinclair and current BWFC first team player Victor Adeboyejo.

Thank you to all the panellists for spending some of your time with us over the three days. Your answers offered an amazing spectrum of knowledge and experiences that helped the young people further their understanding.

Massive thanks to Joe and the team and BWITC for hosting us and being so easy to work with. And finally, thank you to everyone involved in the Bolton Unity Project who made these three days possible!

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