Wear Red Day 2019

To all of you out there, this is the call to action.

This is where we make a difference.

Wear Red Day 2018 was an inspiration to witness. We’ll be honest with you; we were humbled by the level of participation. We’ve never had as many people in our corner. We’ve never had such a powerful team.

This year we are taking the event to the next level.

We are the leading anti-racism education charity in the UK. We can honestly state that our work is essential.

Without us, prejudice would be making headway. Without us, racism would be strengthening its roots across the United Kingdom.

We are proud of what we do. We are proud of who we are. We are united in our cause.

We need you. Let it not be forgotten that we are a charity. We need your support.

On the 18th of October this year, Wear Red. Wherever you are, Wear Red. Tell people that you will be Wearing Red. Tell them why. Be an ambassador. Tell them to do the same. Wear Red.

Get your support social. Use the hashtag #WRD19 to get us trending at number one on the day. Text ‘RED’ to 70470 to donate £1. Help us. Help us to expand on the work that you believe in.

Make a stand and make a difference. Make it happen because you can.

This Day. As One. We Stand. United.

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