April Monthly Round-up - England

The Education teams in England worked to collectively deliver a series of informative, creative workshops and events during April 2019. 

It included:

20 workshops

40 hours of workshop activities, excluding assemblies and fun fitness sessions

1900 young people participated

7 Primary schools   

1 Secondary school

The North East team has again been busy over April but the Easter Holidays meant we had more time to concentrate on development and delivering other training as schools were closed for a couple of weeks. During the month, we delivered 10 workshops over 20 hours in to 4 Primary/First Schools, 1 Secondary School and to young people within a secure centre in the region.


Comments from pupils at our school workshops demonstrate the positive impact they have on young people:


"Everyone got a turn to speak and give their opinion"

"Telling us about words we shouldn't use and what they mean"

"I learned a lot of things. I have learnt how to deal with racism"


Our team has also delivered a 2 hour workshop for 11-16 year olds at Newsham Youth Forum in Blyth. Adapted from our normal workshop, this covered issues such as world view, prejudice, stereotypes, racism definition and terminology.  Feedback from the youth club leader said the workshop was really insightful and the young people attending had really enjoyed it.


We attended the Fairness 4 All event in County Durham which was an evening of information sharing and entertainment to promote a broad range of equality issues. We delivered a short speech about the work of SRtRC and ran an information stall. A member of the North East Education team supported our Campaign colleagues at the Schools Competition Awards Ceremony held at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester.


The team has also been heavily involved, again alongside our Campaign colleagues, in the delivery of adult training to Home Office staff and in further Train the Trainer sessions with these staff. We have also delivered a day long Race Equality Conference to TUC members in Newcastle which concentrated on barriers to tackling prejudice, how to embed equality into an organisation, how to recognise and respond to racist incidents and language and terminology and we delivered a 90 minute workshop during the NEU Conference held in Liverpool. This was to teachers and educators around Gypsy, Roma, Traveller Awareness and Integration.

Fairness 4 All Event 14 Apr 19

Fairness 4 All Event 14 Apr 19

Newsham Youth Club Delivery 24 Apr 19

Newsham Youth Club Delivery 24 Apr 19


In total, we have been involved with delivering training to 72 adults during April.

Sue Schofield, Education Manager met with the Minister for Countering Extremism, Baroness Susan Williams. This was a round table event where recipients of Building Stronger Britain Together were asked to talk about the work they are carrying out with the grant funding.  She was particularly keen to speak with groups about their view of the local threat from Far Right Extremism, what we are doing to tackle the threat and what support the Government can provide.  It was a great opportunity to influence her thinking around funding and gain undertaking of the direct work we carry out in schools nationally.  Feedback is that the  Minister found the session valuable, and she agreed to consider some of the issues raised at the meeting.


Sue also took part in a live radio discussion on the  Voice of Islam Radio morning show to talk about Stephen Lawrence Day and the need to discuss and address issues surrounding bullying and racism in schools.  It was a great opportunity to show case our work and feedback received from the programme following the interview was very good.

East Stanley School 29 Apr 19.jpg

In the Southern Region, the Education team delivered 10 workshops, over 20 hours, across the South Region in 3 Primary schools

These are the other events that our office in the South supported throughout the month of April:

  • Millwall FC Hate Crime Education Event for Home Office

  • Wycombe Wanderers FC Education Event

  • Dagenham and Redbridge Anti-Racism Day (Martina)

  • Millwall FC Anti-Racism Day

  • London Advisory Committee Meeting

  • Southern Region Sessional Workers Meeting

  • Meeting with Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP

  • TUC Conference

  • Meeting with Cllr Asma Begum - Deputy Mayor for Community Safety and Equalities at Tower Hamlets Council.

TUC Conference 2.JPG
TUC Conference 1.jpg

TUC Conference Supporting Show Racism the Red Card Upcoming Wear Red Day 2019

We have attached feedback from the Wycombe event:


‘I thought the experience was great and you should definitely keep teaching children about racism. Keep on making the world a better place’


‘I absolutely had so much fun it was fun learning about how many football players have had many people be racist to them i really had a good time and i'm glad i support show racism the red card and that surely was a good thing to do i personally think everyone should support it but you know that's just my opinion. It was an amazing experience and it's a one in a lifetime opportunity’


‘Your racism the RED card workshop was very enjoyable. I have learnt a lot about how racism can affect your life and that it’s always good to stand up for someone that is going through racist comments’


‘Your workshop changed my thoughts completely about racism as I thought it was just something that happened every now and then, but now I realise that it can happen to anyone’


‘I was surprised that nearly everyone on the panel in front of us had suffered from racism. It also surprised me that a lot of people weren’t just racist because of someone's skin colour’




‘I learnt that racism is more serious than I thought. It was new to me that it is illegal and now I am aware of how dangerous it can become. I knew that racism was very offensive to some people but the discussion changed my thoughts deeply and now if I see any racism I would immediately put it to a stop.  I was surprised by how much racist bullying goes on every day.’




‘Steve and Manisha , two  amazing people who represent the campaign, gave us an eye opener on how stereotypical comments and actions can have an impact on people’s lives. We did many inspirational activities then had a short break before a panel came walking past the door’


‘Players from WFC ( Ladies team as well ), ex players and the Hertfordshire police all came together as our panel to answer our questions in a mini Q&A. We then got that there was a 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize for the best questions given. Lucy from our school Bromet won best question winning 1st place. Well done girl!!!!’




‘My experience at show  RACISM the RED card was amazing I loved learning about RACISM , it helped me to learn more about how it can effect people.


My thoughts about this event are …





In my opinion of the event was stunning .


The things I learnt …

I learnt that people that have a different nationality can be affected by RACISM.(like people that come from Ireland).

That lots of people have been affected by RACISM.’




‘Thank you for inviting us to your workshop on racism. I really learnt a lot through it and I loved the way you set it out into a fun yet sensible way to learn. My thoughts on racism have changed and I now feel as though it is a bigger matter than what I thought. I was very surprised on what people get called when they’re different (but aren’t we all?)’