Huddersfield Town AFC host Show Racism the Red Card educational event

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On Thursday 3rd May 2018, Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC) held an educational event at the Kirklees Stadium in partnership with Huddersfield Town AFC (HTAFC) and the Town Foundation. 90 young people from three local primary schools attended the event which saw the Year 5/6’s take part in a carousel of workshops, see a screening of the SRtRC educational film and take part in a Q&A session with a panel of special guests.

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Young people from took part in three different workshops throughout the the full-day. SRtRC Campaign Worker, Ben Holman, conducted a workshop which helped young people explore stereotypes, think critically about the way in which we stereotype and allowed the young people to discuss the dangers of stereotyping. Katie Suttron and Abbi Andiyapan from the Town Foundation delivered a brilliant workshop which focused on identity and culture. The aim of the workshop was to help the young people understand what a hate crime makes up someones identity and to explore other class-mates identities. 

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The third workshop of the day that the young people took part in was a stadium tour of the Kirklees Stadium. Staff from the Town Foundation took the young people on a forty-five-minute tour where they visited the home and away changing rooms, the boardroom and they even managed to get pitch-side.

The young people further developed their understanding by watching the 22-minute Show Racism the Red Card educational film, which provides an excellent introduction to the subject of racism.

Throughout the morning the young people had been asked to start thinking of questions that they would like to ask the panel of special guests. With suspicion building among the young people of who might be attending the Q&A it was time to introduce the panel.

Abbi Andiyapan, Head of Inclusion at the Town Foundation, sat on the panel to help answer the questions from the young people about racism. First team players Danny Williams, Elias Kachunga and Michael Hefele all took the time out of their day to sit on the panel for the Q&A. 

Young people from each school put forward a variety of questions to the panel regarding racism. How can you prevent racism? When did racism start? Do you block and report people who are racist to you on social media? These were just a few examples of the questions that the panel were taking it in turn to answer. The panel explained to the young people what they should do if they experience racism and who they can report it to. The panel also provided brilliant advice on what each person can do to tackle racism. Prizes were given out to the three best questions asked to the panel. HTAFC kindly donated a signed football which was given as a prize to the best question asked on the day.

Show Racism the Red Card would like to thank everyone at HTAFC and Town Foundation for their support in organising the event and a special thank you to Katie and Abbi who made the event possible. The power of role-models to educate young people should never be underestimated, therefore, a massive thank you to Abbi, Michael, Danny and Elias. A big thank you to the Professional Footballers Association who continue to support the work of Show Racism the Red Card and make events like this possible. And finally, Show Racism the Red Card would like to thank all the young people for their honest engagement from start to finish.