Hate crime numbers in and around schools and colleges up 62% in a year, figures show

Last week, May Bulman, Social Affairs Correspondent at the Independent, published an article which focused on the rapid rise of reported hate crimes within the school and college settings. Below is an extract from the article.

“The number of hate crimes that occur in and around schools and colleges has soared by 62 per cent in the space of a year, new figures show. Five offences occurred on each school day in the last academic year, amounting to a total of 919 between September 2016 and July 2017, according to newly revealed figures. A total of 568 crimes were recorded in the same period the previous year. School leaders said it was a ‘disturbing’ increase, but argued that it is still ‘relatively rare’ for these offences to take place in schools and colleges."

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In January 2017, Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid announced SRtRC would be one of four projectsto offer education to encourage the reporting and prevention of hate crime.  He said: “Hate crime has no place whatsoever in British Society. We will not stand for it. All communities must be free from fear of verbal or physical attack.” 

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