Racism highlighted through football.

Once again racism in Scottish society has been highlighted through football. Isma Goncalves’ claims that racist abuse from Hearts fans was a major factor in his leaving the club in January shows that a minority of fans continue to dehumanise ethnic minorities within the game, and that there is little or no support for players on the receiving end of this disgusting abuse.

This claim indicates that as a society we are regressing and more willing to exhibit such overtly racist attitudes that are divisive and damaging.

 Data captured by the Red Card team over the last year indicates that there has been a 19% increase of racist incidents in Scotland’s schools. Isma Goncalves speaking out about what has happened to him at Hearts is key in highlighting what it happening throughout Scottish communities – Racism exists in Scotland and more needs to be done to change attitudes and behaviour.

Racist attitudes are supported by misinformation, therefore education and the opportunity to talk openly and honestly about these issues is needed now more than ever.