November Monthly Round-up - England

The Education teams in England worked to collectively deliver a series of informative, creative workshops and events during November 2018. 

It included:

67 workshops

134 hours of workshop activities, excluding assemblies and fun fitness sessions

1641 young people participated

13 Primary schools   

1 Secondary school 

2 Special Schools.

In the North East, the Education team delivered 30 workshops, over 60 hours, to a total of 725 school students, across the region in 7 Primary schools and 2 Special schools.

In the Southern Region, the Education team delivered 37 workshops, over 74 hours, to a total of 916 young people, across the South Region in 6 Primary schools and 1 Secondary School.


Here are some of the testimonies from our visits:



“The sessions were extremely engaging and well led.

Very informative and allowed pupils to interact”


“We are planning on creating a website all about the workshop we had last Friday with Justine and Dave @SRTRC_England . We learned so much information and we would like to share it with others. We hope you don't mind! Look out for the website link!“

“(As a result of attending this SRtRC workshop) children who were poorly educated and have a negative influence in their life will be more aware and confident

to make their own informed choices ”