Nottingham Forest FC host SRtRC educational event

On Monday 19th November, Nottingham Forest FC hosted an educational event for young people from local primary schools.

Year 5&6 pupils from Carrington and St Ann’s Well Primary Schools were able to come to the event and take part in workshops from SRtRC which examined racism and stereotypes and hate crime – what it is and what we can do about it. They also got to see behind the scenes of the City Ground with a tour of the stadium.

In the afternoon, participants had the opportunity to put their questions about racism to a panel of special guests, which included NFFC first-team player Saidy Janko and former Forest star, Jason Lee.

The Q&A session, followed a screening of the new SRtRC film, which was well received by the audience and gave some further ideas for questions to the panel.

The panel was rounded off by GMB regional organiser, Sean Redgate and UNITE member and new SRtRC tutor, Peter Ashan, alongside SRtRC Campaign Coordinator, Gavin Sutherland. The questions from the young people were brilliant and produced some informative and interesting answers from the panel.

All of the young people were able to get a signed copy of the new SRtRC / Nottingham Forest FC poster from Saidy and Jason, as well as a goody bag. Prizes were awarded to the most interesting questions of the afternoon, with the top 3 receiving a SRtRC T-Shirt and mini-football.

The event attracted some excellent press coverage from ITV Central East and Nottingham Forest FC.

A big thank you to Nottingham Forest FC and NFFC Community Trust for hosting the event and continuing to support SRtRC, particularly to Declan Barker, Megan and Ryan from the Trust for their help in organising the event and on the day itself.

SRtRC will look forward to working with the club and Trust again soon.