Show Racism the Red Card Scotland calls on Heart of Midlothian FC to take action on Tommy Robinson Chant Video

Show Racism the Red Card Scotland call on Heart of Midlothian FC to act on a video that has gone viral of Hearts fans wearing Tommy Robinson masks and chanting the EDL founders name. There is no place for the EDL in Scottish football and Show Racism the Red Card England, Scotland and Wales have always worked with football clubs to expose the EDL and its counterparts and make football fans aware of its true racist and aggressive nature. Heart of Midlothian FC must assure its fans that any racist behaviour is condemned by the club and action will be taken against those demonstrating racist behaviour.

Racism is still a very real problem in Scotland and we cannot be complacent around the EDL and their Scottish subsidiaries. Both the EDL and SDL claim to be nonviolent and not racist however demonstrations descend into violence and promote Islamophobic and generally racist agendas. We urge the football clubs, fans and members of the public to call out their behaviour and reinforce the anti- English Defence League message not just in football but also in our country.