SRtRC release 2017 Annual Review

Show Racism the Red Card has completed this year’s Annual Review; a document detailing the activities and achievements of the campaign over the last 12 months.

The annual review features an overview of all educational activity delivered throughout the UK with the support of SRtRC’s many partners, as well as providing a synopsis of campaign activity delivered through partnerships with football clubs. 

Honorary President, Shaka Hislop, looks back to last year. 

A year ago, I sat to write the Annual Review unsure of what 2017 may offer us. As I now reflect on the year that was, as ever, we have so much more to celebrate, so much more to be proud of, than we have to worry us.

“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”. John F. Kennedy.

The workers, patrons, and supporters of Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC) have all lit their candles, responding to the uncertainty of our politics and political debate, in the only way we know. And along the way have found more reason to celebrate, more reason to further give of ourselves, more reason to continue to scale the hurdles. And that has given me reason to celebrate the year. So let’s do that...

Where do I start? 
I felt a real sense of pride seeing John Beresford collect his much-deserved MBE. Playing alongside John in the mid-90s was always a pleasure. 

Travelling the North-East visiting schools was an honour. John always gave so much more of himself than was ever asked. As great a team-mate as he was, he was a better friend. I, and all of us here at SRtRC, thank him for his honesty and his efforts. 

Ever since those earliest days of SRtRC we got to understand the difference we may be making in the lives of so many children across the region. What those children may not have recognised is the difference they were making in our lives. As our reach extends way beyond the North-East it is staggering to think that well over 50,000 young people have received a full day’s education with us. All due in no small part to the hundreds of employees and volunteers who give of their time, who dedicate their lives to the belief that we are better together.

That reach extends well beyond our own continent with SRtRC partnering with Nomadesc in Colombia, supporting their efforts for social justice. The people of the North-East again responded in the only way they know. Nearly 700 shirts were donated by fans of Newcastle and Sunderland. Two clubs whose rivalries remain as fierce as ever showing that away from the bragging rights we can come together with great effect in efforts to make this world a better place. Thank you all for your support, for your example.

As we steady ourselves for 2018, let’s not deny that there is still a lot to be wary of, but as we, as you all, continue to show, there is so much more to celebrate. We are stronger, we are better together. With candles in hand we know we are better than the darkness