Tackling LGBT+ Bullying in partnership with Big Lottery Awards for All

The Scottish team are thrilled to have delivered our Tackling LGBT+ Bullying Education Programme to young people from Street League in North Ayrshire yesterday thanks to Big Lottery Awards for All.

Through our Tackling LGBT+ Bullying Education Programme which is delivered over 3 weeks, young people experience the following learning outcomes:

1.       Identify existing and preconceived ideas and accept that these are something that everyone holds

2.       Examine where any preconceived ideas they hold may come from

3.       Increase their knowledge of the dangers of such stereotyping by looking at Gordon Allport’s Nature of Prejudice Theory

4.       Express their thoughts and feelings regarding LGBTQ+ Bullying that they may have experienced in their communities

5.       LGBTQI Hate Crime and reporting procedures

6.       The correct use of terminology and pronouns

7.       Develop empathy with someone who has been affected by LGBT+ Bullying

8.       Recognising their own responsibility in challenging LGBT+ Bullying and develop the skills to do so

9.       Explore diversity, exclusion and equality through sporting activity

Thanks so much to Big Lottery Scotland Awards for All, for making this project possible!