51 States


Show Racism the Red Card are pleased to be supporting ’51 States’, a dystopian drama set in a world of segregation and social tension.

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The Story

’51 States’ dystopian thriller set in an all too possible future. A supremacist state has splintered off from England and built a wall around it’s borders. We follow a Sikh wife and mother crossing the border, who risks execution in the fight to be reunited with her family.

A supremacist hunter and his pack of nationalists track her to the place where they are hiding

The newly reunited family will face a night of bloody confrontation with the very person that tore them apart in the first place.

Directors Statement

’51 States’ is a project with which I have an intimate personal connection. As a female storyteller of British-Indian heritage, I grew up in a small town being frequently exposed to the prejudice views of my peers. ’51 States’ is inspired by my own experience and years of research into the history of racism and civil rights.

With ’51 States’, I am beginning my discussion on issues of identity. It is a reaction to the current political climate, where hate crimes have almost doubled in the last year and attitudes of prejudice, once contained, are now acted upon.

’51 States’ will act as a reminder as to the importance of progression, how vital it is to learn from history and how utterly unacceptable discrimination is. I feel it is necessary to make this short film now to cast a stark light onto the ever-growing issues of extreme nationalism and pack mentality.

For more information and to view the Kickstarter campaign please click here