December Monhtly Round-up: England

The Education teams in England worked to collectively deliver a series of informative and creative workshops and events during December 2017. 

18 workshops

36 hours of workshop activities, excluding assemblies and fun fitness sessions

783 young people participated

7 Primary schools   

1 Secondary school 

In the North East, the Education team delivered 8 workshops, over 16 hours, to a total of 333 school students, across the region in 3 Primary schools.

In the Southern Region, the Education team delivered 10 workshops, over 40 hours, to a total of 450 young people, across the South Region in 4 Primary schools and 1 Secondary schools.


Here are some of the testimonies from our visits:


"It was great for them to hear and be exposed to language and examples, and to openly discuss their feelings about them." - Teacher


"The workshop was a high quality workshop which helped the children to develop their understanding." - Teacher