Working together to tackle racism in school

Over 30 teachers and support staff from St James Primary School in Caerphilly took part in an interactive twilight training session on anti-racism education and dealing with racist incidents, provided by Show racism the Red Card Wales.

The school used funds from the global Learning Programme to cover the cost of the session.

The session covered the work of Show racism the Red Card Wales and looked at both preventative work, to develop anti-racism in school, and responsive work, dealing with incidents of racism or racist bullying.


Staff took part in some of the discussions and activities that we use in the classroom with pupils, allowing teachers to challenge their own assumptions and to discuss pupils’ perceptions and the stereotypes they may be susceptible to. Do we always assume a vicar is a white man of a certain age..?

As part of the training package Show Racism the Red Card will provide the school with a range of educational packs and resources which they can use and adapt to embed anti-racism into the curriculum.

The session also discussed the school’s role and responsibilities in recognising and reporting racism. Although statutory duties are covered here, Show Racism the Red Card aims to ensure that all sessions are practical and give teachers an opportunity to discuss real situations and their responses to them in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Staff looked at a range of scenarios drawn from actual incidents that have taken place in Welsh schools and discussed how they would deal with them.

We would like to thank all the staff at St James Primary for their warm welcome and engagement in this session.

If you think your school would benefit from a staff training session from Show Racism the Red card Wales, please contact us and we would be delighted to come and help.