SRtRC responds to Daily Record article ahead of Rangers FC and Celtic FC meeting

Show Racism the Red Card is an Equalities Educational Charity.

We develop world-class education based on most recent research by McBride (2015). This means that all of our programmes are based on sustained interventions- which research shows are more effective than one-off workshops. Our educational work also includes elements of contact theory and empathy induction in order to reduce prejudice.

We are currently funded to deliver the following programmes:

-       Tackling Contemporary Racism

-       Tackling Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Bullying Education

-       Refugee Inclusion Education

-       Tackling LGBTQI Bullying Education

-       Young Volunteers Empowerment Programme where young people learn to develop and deliver their own prejudice reduction education

We also developed an amazing anti-sectarian education programme that also included highlighting inequality in fun and fitness sessions but sadly lost the funding to continue with this programme.

While our team of 3 full-time staff members are developing and delivering this funded Education, we also keep our ears and eyes open and speak out against injustice when it occurs with the aim of increasing inclusion and creating a fairer Scotland for All.

The points made by Keith Jackson in his article on Morelos were unpacked by the Red Card Team and we saw this as an opportunity to address them individually from an Educational perspective so as to increase awareness and understanding of how stereotypes lead to prejudice and ultimately discrimination, based on research by Gordon Allport. Its all about the seemingly little things that we let slide. We would hate for fans to pick up on that article and start singing songs about Morelos based on his nationality. To this end, we are all responsible for the words we choose to use and when one has access to a public platform they should be mindful of the impact those words can have.

Show Racism the Red Card also doesn’t believe in labeling anyone racist as it is not constructive and only shuts down discourse. We believe that propagating stereotypes, racist language and behaviour comes from a place of misunderstanding and that is why education is important.

Finally in response to the article Jackson wrote today, we are saddened to see that the position he has chosen to take. However, we can also empathize that it is the human condition to choose to attack when ones sense of identity is threatened. While we can understand he watched a TV show and was influenced by the media (which can easily happen and we need to teach young people how to guard against this all the time), we were hoping that he would understand where we were coming from and reconsider his position.

The words Jackson chose to write today could be potentially damaging to a very small charity like ours that has fought against significant funding cuts in order to keep our doors open over the last year.

Finally in response to Jackson’s comments pertaining to both Rangers and Celtic fans, we urge anyone who is at the game today and witnesses sectarianism to take videos and send it to us so that we can report it to Police Scotland just like we have done in the past.

‘Education is the most powerful which you can use to change the world’. Nelson Mandela