Highlights of Laura Pidcock MP's speech at SRtRC Staff and Management Committee Away Day last week

Laura Pidcock MP supporting Wear Red Day 2017

Laura Pidcock MP supporting Wear Red Day 2017

Laura Pidcock MP spoke at the Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC) Staff and Management Committee Away Day on 28th July 2017. Here are some of the highlights of her speech.

“Thank you for inviting me back to speak to you all.  Show Racism the Red Card is a wonderful organisation and gave me the best training ever for having difficult conversations.  I take my hat off for all the work you do. I grew up in this organisation from the age of 22 to 30.

I am really glad to see you have set up an All Party Parliamentary Group to be chaired by Jo Stevens MP and I look forward to attending on Tuesday 5th of September.

I have been asked to speak on ‘What a Labour Government would do it terms of anti-racism’. As part of our General Election 2017 Manifesto ‘For the Many not the Few’ we have produced a Race and Faith Manifesto.  The Labour Party are committed to internationalism, social justice and human rights and this Manifesto is just the beginning of the conversation on all equality issues. As an expert on anti-racism it is crucial that Show Racism the Red Card is involved in these discussions and I welcome your input into this process.

Racism is a mechanism for dividing our communities and to stop people looking at the real problems that austerity is causing such as low wages and non-affordable housing.  We cannot trust the Conservative Party to challenge racism effectively; because they are, after all, the Party of the “Go home vans” and the Prevent Strategy.  

Labour would link their anti-racism strategy to a new charter of rights for workers.  This would make it harder for employers to undercut workers pay and conditions.  We would end Austerity and work with the Trade Union movement to improve workers rights.  We also would end Privatisation of the NHS and renationalise transport. We would work to ease community tensions and end poverty.

Under the last two successive Governments anti-racism and equality has been pushed down the political agenda. We would work with yourselves to lobby hard for this trend to be reversed.

Good luck for the rest of your Away Day and I look forward to working with Show Racism the Red Card in my new role as MP for North West Durham.”