‘Children don’t know what a hate crime is – nor how to report it’

Ellen Wallwork, of the Huffington Post, recently published an article about the educational workshops conducted by Show Racism the Red Card in schools. Ellen spoke with Steve Goodsell who is the South East Regional Manager of Show Racism the Red Card about the importance of having these conversations with young people.

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During a day-long session with Year 9 pupils at Manningtree High School in Essex Steve explained that following on from recent terror attacks in London and Manchester there has been a sharp increase in the numbers of Hate Crime reported. Steve goes on to explain that despite children having heard of hate crime, they rarely know what it is, how to report it and who to report it to.

In the article Ellen also highlights her conversation with a teacher from Manningtree who attended the educational session. Dawn Cox a Year 9 tutor told Ellen that she can’t stress strongly enough how crucial discussions of this nature are for her pupils. She also went on to say that it’s really important they understand that any form of discrimination is wrong and you can’t associate that with just certain types of people.

Ellen also managed to speak with the young people who took part in the educational workshops, a few quotes are listed below…

'I learnt that racism is a serious offence and it can affect anyone.'

Molly Carmichael, 14.


'I think the session was very good because the educator opened lots of topics up by asking questions and making it easy to talk to about any subject and be comfortable.'

Ruby Hammond, 14.


'I learnt that it is completely unacceptable to discriminate against any race. The lady that taught us was great. She got every student to listen just by using her own personal enthusiasm.'

Georgie Fairburn, 14.


'I liked that if we wanted to ask a question but didn’t want to be known for it we could write it anonymously using post-it notes.'

Shannon Moran-Hignett, 14.


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