Show Racism the Red Card responds to Tory MP's divisive comments about Gypsy and Traveller Communities

Douglas Ross, Tory MP for Moray was recently interviewed by online television channel, Core Politics. When he was asked what he would prioritise if he were Prime Minister for a day. Ross replied ‘Tougher enforcement against Gypsies and Travellers’.

Ross’ comments are a blatant display of racism and only serve to entrench divides and create a culture of intolerance toward Gypsy and Travelling communities. Ross went on to say that ‘Illegal and unauthorised gypsy traveller encampments are a significant problem with the settled community continually complaining that gypsy travellers receive preferential treatment. Ross would only have to read the recently published ‘Is Scotland Fairer’ report to know that Gypsy and Travelling Communities are the most disenfranchised groups across all indicators and Ross’ comments are irresponsible and only serve to further marginalise Gypsy and Travelling community members. Moreover, Ross’s position should mean he that seeks to work across divides and help foster a culture of inclusion so as to create a better Scotland for All.

Show Racism the Red Card is concerned that anyone, let alone a public figure, would consider sharing potentially divisive comments that may further contribute to a wider culture of intolerance. 

Our campaign is founded on the premise that education is the key to tackling racism. No one is born racist and as an educational charity we are not interested in labelling people, but working hard to help educate young people and adults alike of the dangers of using racist language and promoting division. Show Racism the Red Card calls on the Conservative Party to have Douglas Ross participate in Tackling Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Bullying education with us.