Anti-Irish Racism is not acceptable

Show Racism the Red Card is disappointed that blatant displays of anti-Irish racism were seen in Glasgow at the weekend. We would call upon communities to report any racist incidents to Police Scotland.

We are continually working to educate against all forms of racism in Scotland so that society can accept people from different nationalities, with different skin colour, different religions and cultures without prejudice.

We want a Scotland that does not promote hate and discrimination for a better future for all.

"There are an increasing number of racist hate crimes being reported across Scotland. Such behaviour is absolutely disgusting and has no place in a progressive Scotland. Racist attitudes are supported by misinformation, therefore education and the opportunity to talk openly and honestly about these issues is needed now more than ever.

Show Racism the Red Card is working hard to educate against racism as we firmly believe this is the best way to change attitudes. Together we can make a difference, together we can create a Scotland for all, free from prejudice and discrimination.”
Nicola Hay, Campaign Manager,