SRtRC Hate Crime Project

FREE workshops available from SRtRC for schools in North Tyneside, Kent and Bristol.

Hate Crime is a problem which affects communities throughout the UK and the number of hate incidents nationally has risen recently.

Young People can often be the targets of people who act on prejudice and are also at risk of becoming perpetrators of Hate Crime themselves if exposed to influences motivated by hate.

SRtRC is working with Department for Communities and Local Government to educate about Hate Crime and support people from marginalised communities to stand up and report incidents.

We are now able to offer free workshops to KS2 and KS3 pupils in three local authority areas, North Tyneside, Kent and Bristol, in England, between September 2017 – March 2018.

The educational work in schools in these areas will be available in two formats

Option A

-          Full day of educational work with up to two classes, including workshops about Hate Crime

-          SRtRC is able to offer a free twilight teacher training session in recognising and responding to racist incidents effectively and promoting equality in school.

Option B

-          A series of four sessions in your school, over four weeks, designed to explore Hate Crime and issues of prejudice and discrimination.

-          SRtRC recommend this approach for schools where there have been recent prejudicial incidents – or in areas where there are increased instances of Hate Crime in the wider community.

If you are interested in the project, finding out more about it or would like your school to take part, please e-mail

Please note, places for both forms of school work have limited availability.