International meeting Show Racism the Red Card

As part of a two year Erasmus programme, SRtRC organisations from 6 European countries met in the Netherlands for 3 days between the 29th May and 31st May.

Representatives attended from the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, and Finland.

The aim of the 3 days was to share best practice pertaining to educational development and delivery as well as on campaigning in order to reduce prejudice and discrimination.

Nicola Hay said: ‘There were a number of interesting things that came out of the trip. First, it was quite eye-opening to see that our European counterparts were experiencing the same levels of racism within their communities as we see in Scotland due to the rise of populism, Brexit and Trump and how these factors have led to increased incidents of racism.’

‘Second, we learned about how different projects go about developing their education based on theories to reduce prejudice and discrimination as well as the importance of an intersectional approach from extremely inspiring, passionate and committed individuals.’

‘Team Scotland shared our methods in terms of contact theory as association reduces negative attitudes and promotes inclusivity; sustained programmes leading to a further reduction in negative attitudes; positive intergroup contact and based on principles of perspective taking , empathy induction and peer engagement.’

‘Much learning and ‘think-tanking’ took place over the trip and the Scottish team drew on so many of the progressive ideas that our European partners are currently utilising not just in education but also with regard to awareness raising and campaigning in order to create more inclusive societies.’

‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ (African Proverb)

‘We will carry what we learned from different communities on this trip, integrating it in to all the work we do in order to eradicate racism from society.’

‘We are very grateful to Erasmus as well as SRtRC Ireland for making this opportunity possible in order to swap best practice and we are so excited about the skills and knowledge we have acquired which will enhance the quality of our work.’

SRtRC would like to thank all of the participants from the campaign's sister projects in Europe for attending and sharing their experiences. Thanks also to Feyenoord FC for hosting the meeting at Stadion Feyenoord - what a great venue!