March Round-Up: England

The England Education teams have worked to collectively delivered informative and creative workshops and events during the month of March:

67 workshops

134 hours of workshop activities, excluding assemblies and fun fitness sessions

1,854 young people participated

18 Primary schools   

1 First school

7 Secondary schools 

In the North East, the Education team delivered 25 workshops, 50 hours to a total of 677 school students, across the region in 8 Primary schools, 1 First school and 4 Secondary schools.   

The North-East team were very busy in the month of March as they also ran a 'Prevent in Practice' Conference in Cleveland, delivered specialist training to a local Children's Home staff, delivered bespoke long term intervention to a Kenton school and Beacon Centre as well as delivering Gateshead CVS training and a Northumbria PCC conference. This all amounted to 23 hours of training in total. A huge 'Well Done' to the North-East team staff for their hard work and dedication.

In the Southern region, the Education team delivered 42 workshops, over 84 hours to a total 1,177 young people, across the South region in 10 Primary schools and 3 Secondary schools.

The visit in January of Show Racism the Red Card to my class helped me to see the great value in the work you do. I was particularly impressed with the way staff encouraged the children to share ideas and be open without fear of saying the wrong thing, and felt that this allowed them to engage in meaningful discussions. The impact of the day was clear to see. As a result, I feel passionate about contributing to this work, and feel that I can bring a range of creative ideas to the team. The opportunity genuinely excites me, and I hope I will be able to have a positive impact in the region through Show Racism the Red Card.
— Teacher