Cardiff City FC educational club event

Young people from Gladstone Primary and Barry Island Primary attended the Cardiff City Stadium to take part in our educational club event with the Bluebirds for the day.

Education worker Steve Jenkins delivered a workshop in the morning to the young people educating them on the topic of racism and Homophobia using interactive activities and discussions.

Pupils prior to attending the ground at school were set a task to prepare for the afternoons anti-racism “press conference”.

Pupils had to create a newspaper name and were tasked with researching racism in sport and society. Pupils also were required to read newspapers and online blogs to explore how they are designed and written.

From the information they had learnt they had to prepare questions for the press conference at the event to help produce their article for their newspaper after the event.

In the afternoon pupils watched our educational DVD which gave them a last opportunity to obtain further knowledge on the topic before the question and answer session in our “media / press conference event”

Bluebirds players Declan John and Kadeem Harris attended the event to take part in the press conference joined by former player Steve Jenkins.

Pupils now in the role of newspaper journalists were selected to ask questions, introduce themselves and the newspaper they “worked” for followed by their question.

The journalists posed some really challenging questions for the players and had clearly researched and planned some well thought out questions.

The best asked question won match tickets and a SRtRC goodie bag.

When the pupils return to school they will use all the information they had learnt at the event along with the responses from the players to write and design their article.

We would like to the school for attending the event and the club for working in partnership to host the event and providing the prizes for the pupils.

Our club event at Cardiff City FC was funded by the Welsh Government and the Football Association of Wales.