SRtRC tackle Gypsy, Roma & Traveller Bullying with Perth & Kinross Council and St. Johnstone FC

We visited the McDiarmid Park for our annual event with St. Johnstone FC.

Young people from North Muirton Primary school attended the event to take part in our anti-racism educational club event with St. Johntstone for the day.

Show Racism the Red Card Education Workers Derek Ferguson and Gary McSwegan delivered a workshop in the morning to the young people educating them on the topic of racism using interactive activities and discussions.

Education Worker Gillian Eunson delivered a workshop on Tackling Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Bullying education. This workshop was complimented by input from a Young Traveller working with Article 12, Bernadette Williamson, who spoke to young people about Traveller culture and history as well as her own experiences of being bullied in school.

Young people also participated in a highlighting inequality fun and fitness session delivered by Mickey Weir.

Following on from the education workshops, young people had to prepare questions for the press conference at the event and get ready to ask their toughest questions to a panel of special guests.

In the afternoon pupils watched our educational DVD which gave them a last opportunity to obtain further knowledge on the topic before the question and answer session in our “press conference event”.

Young people had the opportunity to pose questions to David McPhee, Gary McSwegan, Derek Ferguson and Mickey Weir.

Pupils now in the role of newspaper journalists were selected to ask questions, introduce themselves and the newspaper they “worked” for followed by their question.

The young journalists posed some really challenging questions for the ex-professional players and had clearly planned some well thought out questions.

We would like to the school for attending the event and the club for working in partnership to host the event.

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Our club event at St. Johnstone FC was funded by Perth and Kinross Council.