SRtRC tackles Contemporary Racism with the Scottish Women's National Team

Young people from Annettstreet and Holycross Primary school attended the event at Hampden Park to take part in workshops five and six of our Tackling Contemporary racism programme along with Shelley Kerr from the Scottish Women's National Team.

Education Worker Gillian Eunson delivered a workshop in the morning to the young people educating them on the topic of challenging racism using interactive activities and discussions.

Young people also participated in a highlighting inequality fun and fitness session delivered by Gary McSwegan and Derek Ferguson.

Following on from the education workshops, young people had to prepare questions for the press conference at the event and get ready to ask their toughest questions to a panel of special guests.

Young people had the opportunity to pose questions to Scottish Women’s National Team Manager Shelley Kerr, SRtRC Campaign Manager Nicola Hay, former Glasgow City Manager and SRtRC Coach Eddie Wolecki Black and former Rangers player and SRtRC Education Worker Gary McSwegan.

Pupils now in the role of newspaper journalists were selected to ask questions, introduce themselves and the newspaper they “worked” for followed by their question.

The young journalists posed some really challenging questions for the ex-professional players and had clearly planned some well thought out questions.

We would like to the schools for attending the event and the Scottish Women's National team for working in partnership to host the event.

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Our club event at Hampden Park was funded by the Scottish Government.