NatCen release new report about 'Racial Prejudice in Britain today'

A new report from Social Research company NatCen contains interesting findings about the views of British people.

The report highlights that one in four people in Britain admit to being prejudiced towards ‘people of other races’.

NatCen want to find out if the long-term trend of social liberalisation identified by this year’s British Social Attitudes Survey, which has seen attitudes soften towards same sex couples, sex outside of marriage and abortion has extended to ‘race’.

However, with 26% of respondents saying that they are “very” or “a little” prejudiced about people of other ‘races’ and this figure never dipping below 25% in 35 years, it seems racism and prejudice are a constant feature of UK society.

It is a very interesting report, written with data from a NatCen panel, the BSA survey and the European Social Survey and well with reading. Access the full report here.