Praise all round as SRtRC visit Brentwood School!!

The introduction assembly led by Manisha was very informative and her delivery reached our students with ease. The anti-racism educational film shown was entertaining, which engaged our students immediately with the exciting football game highlights and the many recognised footballers who feature. The film is an excellent introduction to the subject of racism and the message for the expected day is depicted clearly.

Our students very much enjoyed the workshops which gave them the opportunity to discuss, question, learn and understand in a ‘safe environment’. The educators very quickly identified our students strengths and structured the workshops around them supporting where necessary with continued enthusiasm encouraging all to be involved. During group discussions, topics such as immigration, bullying, homophobia, and even US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump came to the fore. At the end of the day Clint and Francis led the plenary assembly which focused on “reflection, and what have we learnt and what can we do”, which was a great way to end a very well structured day.

Jenny Edwards 1st to 5th Year Pastoral Manager

On Friday 11th March Show Racism the Red Card’s (SRtRC) southern team visited Brentwood school in Essex and delivered workshops to 161 year 8 students. The day started with students watching SRtRC educational film and then splitting into their groups for the workshops. The southern team are currently working alongside the Essex PCC on their Stop the Hate Campaign, as an Essex school Brentwood School students learned about and discussed; what a hate crime is, how to report hate crimes or incidents, the protected characteristics, stereotyping and the core of SRtRC work racism.  

It is always great to receive good feedback from schools saying how much students enjoyed the day and how much of an impact Show Racism the Red Card educators have had going into schools, but when the good feedback is coming from both the educators and the school it must have been a very special day.

The day started off fantastic with Manisha Tailor (southern team educator) emailing the southern team’s office on her break simply saying:

“The school today is amazing!!!”

Manisha went on later to say:

 "Visiting Brentwood School was truly an amazing experience - it was great to be delivering workshops at a school that has so much history attached.  The Year 8 boys were very honest and enthusiastic about engaging within classroom based discussion on diversity.  They were very aware of current affairs and took part in a 'hot seating' activity which involved some of the students taking on the role of Donald Trump!  We also spoke about gender stereotypes and their perceptions of women in football which was very interesting".

Francis Duku (southern team educator) rounded up the day on behalf of all educators and said:

“Quick email to say that from our perspective, Friday at Brentwood was a very good day. Teachers were excellent and the support and commitment to the day was very good. Pupils were very easy to work with too so all in this made for a very enjoyable day from our side too.”

Jenny Edwards 1st to 5th year Pastroal Manager at Brentwood School was impressed with the impact our educators had on students, she said:

"Our students very much enjoyed the workshops which gave them the opportunity to discuss, question, learn and understand in a ‘safe environment."  

A BIG well done to all educators involved on the day Manisha Tailor, Francis Duku and Clint Easton and a BIG thank you to the staff and students of Brentwood School, Show Racism the Red Card looks forward to visiting your school again.