Challenging Racism in Football

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The Challenging Racism in Football project is a collaborative project between Show Racism the Red Card Wales and the Football Association of Wales.

The project aims to increase the awareness of racism throughout all levels of football in Wales. The project will provide support and resources to educate the football family on how to challenge racism and report any incident of discrimination both on and off the field.

We have also developed an online reporting form to report incidents of racism in Wales. Visit the report it page HERE.

To achieve the aims of this project we have developed a range of workshops and educational resources.

Educational Workshops

Our educational workshops are tailored specific for football clubs, players, coaches and referees. The core aim of all the workshops are to educate about the forms racism can take, along with how to recognise and report it. Each workshop uses  scenarios that have occurred across at all levels of the game in Wales to provide examples of issues that may arise and discusses the importance of using the correct terminology and which words are acceptable or not acceptable to use both in the football environment and society.

If you are interested in hosting one of our workshops at your club or referee association please get in touch below.


Our workshops for clubs provide an opportunity for clubs to develop their understanding of racism and discuss issues that are prevalent in football at all levels so that clubs are well equipped to take positive action.

The workshop are practical and engaging and provide further support for clubs to promote equality and challenge discrimination to create an inclusive environment for all.

Further support and resources are provided to develop the clubs policies and procedures to ensure that the club develops an ethos of an inclusive environment free from discrimination.

During 2017-18 we will be delivering a range of anti-discrimination workshops across Wales to junior league clubs, please speak to your area association to find out when these will take place or get in touch with us below.



Our player Educational Workshop is designed specifically for players. The workshop was developed in 2013 and has been delivered with junior and senior players in clubs across Wales. 

In addition to the core workshop aims the player workshop includes a discussion with players about their role and responsibilities as a player, the importance of representing themselves and the club in the correct manner and the consequences of any racist actions on their career. There will also be discussion around correct and incorrect use of social media.


The Coach Educational Workshop is designed specifically for coaches working at all levels of the game.

The sessions include discussions with coaches about their role and responsibilities as a coach and role model, along with various real life scenarios examples within the game they might experience and how they can respond to and deal with these situations.

The workshop provides further support and resources of activities for coaches to use to educate players about racism and terminology.

Referees / Officials

Our referee Educational Workshops are designed specifically for referees.

In addition to the core workshop aims the referee workshop includes interactive discussion based activities that provide support on how to practically respond to a racist incident and how they can report any issues that they come across via the correct reporting procedures in Wales.


Below are a range of educational resources and factsheets to provide further support to clubs, coaches, players and referees.

Recognising and responding to racism in football: A guide providing support on how to recognise racism and how to respond to any incidents internally and during a match.

Language and terminology - An introduction for football: Guidelines outlining what terms are acceptable and unaceptable in football.  

Club action plan for diversity and inclusion: Guildelines for clubs to follow to become more of an inclusive and diverse club.

Reporting racism in football - A guide for clubs: Guidelines on the proceedures of reporting a racist incident in football. The guide also features advise for recoridng internal incidents.                                                      

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Recognising and responding to racism in football - A Guide for officials: Guidelines for officials on recognising racism in football and how to respond to and challenge racism in the game.

Reflecting on your clubs culture and environment: A guide to help reflect and evaluate the current culture and environment of the club to identify areas to improve.

Racist incident action plan for football: An action plan template for clubs to use as a guideline when responding to a racist incident.

Workshop Enquiry

If you are interested in hosting one of our workshops at your club or referee association please get in touch via the contact form below.