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Anti-Racism Champions

Free anti-racism activities around the Olympics and Paralympics!

SRtRC is proud to announce the launch of our new education pack ‘Anti-Racism Champions: Using the Olympics and Paralympics to Educate Against Prejudice’.

The pack is free to download and is packed with a range of activities suitable for all ages around the themes of:

· Understanding Our Histories

· Building Our Cultural Awareness

· Racism and Anti-Racism at the Olympics and Paralympics

· Sport for Social Change

There are a mix of active and desk-based activities complete with printable resources and/or PowerPoints with curriculum links for England, Scotland and Wales. All resources are available in Welsh and English.


Hyrwyddwyr Gwrth-Hiliaeth Anti-Racism Champions – Educator Guide Adran 1 / Section 1 Adran 2 / Section 2 Adran 3 / Section 3 Adran 4 / Section 4

Educator Guide

Hyrwyddwyr Gwrth-Hiliaeth
Anti-Racism Champions - Educator Guide

Adran 1 / Section 1 - Understanding our Histories

Adran 2 / Section 2 - Building our Cultural Awareness

Adran 3 / Section 3 - Racism and Anti-Racism at the Olympic & Paralympic games

Adran 4 / Section 4 - Sport for Social Change

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