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SRtRC launch new film 'This Is My Home'

Show Racism the Red Card Scotland (SRtRC) has launched a digital project, today (Friday 17th July 2015), entitled This Is My Home.

This Is My Home is based on a series of seven short films commissioned by Show Racism the Red Card, exploring the issues of immigration and racism from the point of view of Scotland’s migrant community.

The project is the start of a new conversation about immigration in the UK - it’s a campaign to invite contributions from all people who live in the UK, about the benefits of immigration, and about the challenges faced by immigrants. 
The seven short films accompanying the launch of This Is My Home were produced for Show Racism the Red Card by Glasgow-based filmmaker David McGinty (for production company Walnut Wasp), thanks to funding from the Educational Institute for Scotland.
“#ThisIsMyHome is a very powerful video with an important message that regardless of our colour, ethnicity or faith, Scotland is home to many diverse people and communities. I have often been told to “Go back home” which is one of the most hurtful insults anyone can throw my way as I have no other home than Scotland. By encouraging people of all backgrounds to show a united front against racism we can overcome hateful and intolerant attitudes, wherever they exist.” 
Humza Yousaf MSP for Glasgow

“These are excellent films. With warmth and simple humanity, it puts the racists – and those who encourage them – to shame”.
Ken Loach, Legendary British Director, Sixteen Films

"The team at Show Racism The Red Card has again amazed with the production of This Is My Home. The series perfectly captures the thrill of acceptance in a new and welcoming country, along with the hurt and fear that racist abuse forges, even when it’s by the few or in its simplest form. This abuse is never easy to understand or overlook by the honest and hardworking, who are trying to do no more than be valuable citizens in their adopted homes.
A large and appreciative smile came to my face in seeing Mark McGhee feature in one of the films. Mark signed me to my first professional contract a very long time ago. I owe him more than I can ever thank him for. A debt I try to repay each day. He has seen firsthand what open acceptance does. Too often though, people like me are frustrated in their own attempts because of the misguided and ugly ignorance of a few. To those who battle on through it all I thank. To those who may fall, get up dust yourself off, there are millions cheering you on. To Mark, and to all at SRTRC, thank you for getting me here, thank you for these films that tell the story, all of our stories, so wonderfully well."
Shaka Hislop, Honorary President of SRtRC and former professional footballer 

This Is My Home is a platform for a conversation about the positive impact of immigration in the UK. As such, we’re supporting this launch with the hashtag #thisismyhome, and we’re inviting everyone to share their positive experiences of immigration in the UK, from every perspective and across all social media channels. 

SRtRC would like to encourage contributions in the form of photographs, text posts, videos on YouTube and Instagram, and we’d like to invite supporters of equality, of immigration and of anti-racism, to share existing content under the #thisismyhome banner, to contribute content directly and to further the publicity of the campaign in any other suitable way.
SRtRC invite contributions from the immigrant community, expressing their candid views on living in the UK. Equally, we invite contributions from the indigenous population, documenting the ways in which immigration has enriched their lives, and the British culture. In each case, and across all social media channels, we invite contributors to use the hashtag #thisismyhome.
For more information, please contact SRtRC Scotland on 0141 222 2058 or via email 

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