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The Barriers to Challenging Racism & Promoting Race Equality in England's Schools

  • Show Racism the Red Card have been commissioned to investigate issues of racism and inequality in the education system. Please follow the link below to download this document; you can also view the report online

The study found that, within the sample, racist attitudes and behaviours are common amongst both pupils and teachers. However, many school leaders are not engaging with the issue of race equality and are often unaware of the attitudes that exist amongst their pupils. Most of the teachers surveyed had received little or no education with regards to tackling racism or promoting race equality whilst training or teaching. Resultantly they do not have the knowledge, skills or resources to be able to deal with these issues in the classroom. Many consider the best approach to be to adopt a colour-blind position of ignoring difference and attempting to treat all children the same. There is evidence of positive work being undertaken, however this appears in some part to be driven be a few committed individuals and there is a lack of evidence that the majority of institutions have made a serious attempt to embed race equality.

The study highlights that there is a need for widespread training, including in-service training to empower educators in England with the skills and knowledge required to consider issues of race equality in their lesson planning and delivery; to value and acknowledge differences and similarities amongst their pupils; to tackle racism and to create an environment of openness where young people develop positive attitudes and a critical awareness of the world.

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